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    Read TYPE-C cable E-marker IC VDM data on CY4532 power board(CYPD4126-40LQXI)


      We would like re-start the project to read TYPE-C cable E-marker IC VDM data, we would start develop FW on CY4532 power board(It is CYPD4126-40LQXI), the on handed CY4532 power board is REV07, what is the FW project for CY4532 power board? Is CYPD4126-40LQXI_notebook on EZ-PD CCGx SDK? or CYPD4126-40LQXI_notebook on EZ-PD CCGx Host SDK? We do not need Cypress HPI function, it is not fit for our application, we will define our own HPI spec. Please kindle reply my question.