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    ECO Requirements for BLE on CYBLE-416045-02




      I am currently implementing a design which uses the PSoC 6 based CYBLE-416045-02 and I am slightly confused on the requirements for the ECO requirements on P12.6 and P12.7.


      I am seeing some conflicting information and I just wanted to clear it up.


      The PSoC 6 MCU Hardware Design Considerations (AN218241) application note states:


      "The BLE radio in PSoC 6 MCU includes an additional crystal oscillator (32 MHz). An external 32 MHz crystal is mandatory for proper BLE operation."


      Currently, I am running a BLE design successfully on the CY8CPROTO-063-BLE, and the schematics call for a 24MHz crystal, but it is unloaded. My firmware has the ECO disabled entirely and there are no issues.


      Isn't this in conflict? Should there be an ECO connected and required in BLE designs? And should it be 32MHz or 24MHz?


      Thanks for any clarity, I am sure I am misunderstanding something.

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          There is no conflict actually. The statement in AN218241 is correct. BLE ECO and ECO are different. The BLE ECO is mandatory for proper BLE operation, and there is a crystal inside module CYBLE-416045-02 for ther BLE functionality. Therefore, even you disable the ECO in your project, it doesn't matter.

          As device datasheet shows, the typical value of crystal frequency for BLE ECO is 16MHz or 32MHz. The frequency range of ECO is 4 - 35MHz. As the 24MHz crystal ECO is not loaded on CY8CPROTO-063-BLE, you can use IMO or AltHf(from BLE ECO) for SRSS.