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    PSoC5LP AN73503 USBBootloaderHost_VC2015.zip




      We are considering USB HID Bootloader for PSoC5LP.

      Browse AN73503 and use USBBootloaderHost_VC2015.zip.


      However, sometimes writing fails.
      The USB HID bootloader host app stops halfway due to error code 0x04 (data is not in the correct format).


      When analyzing the USB HID host application software,


      1. Send data to the device
      2. Query device for response


      The above 1 and 2 are repeated.


      Since 1 and 2 are executed in succession,

      We thought that if I made an inquiry without being able to return a response, We would not be able to read the response correctly.


      Therefore, when a wait (10ms) is inserted between 1 and 2, it is operating normally. Write failures no longer occur.


      As a method, wait time of 10 milliseconds is inserted with System.Threading.Thread.Sleep (10) before using ReadInput () of CyHidDevice class.



      Is this workaround correct?
      Or do you know any other good workarounds?