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    Could I config GPIO_3(p27,p33) as Input(active high) with CYW20706?




      When I config WICED_P27 or WICED_p33 as GPIO_INPUT(Active HIGH), but it always keep about 1.6V


      My config is


      wiced_hal_gpio_configure_pin( 27 or 33, GPIO_INPUT_ENABLE | GPIO_PULL_DOWN | GPIO_EN_INT_BOTH_EDGE , GPIO_BUTTON_DEFAULT_STATE );


      I know that  I must setting for to use WICED_P04(BT_CLK_REQ)  as GPIO. 


      #define cr_pad_fcn_ctl_adr4 0x003201b8

      #define REG32(x) (*(volatile unsigned*)(x))

      unsigned val = REG32(cr_pad_fcn_ctl_adr4) & ~(0x0000F000);

      REG32(cr_pad_fcn_ctl_adr4) = val | (7 << 12);


      Could WICED_P27 or WICED_P33 pin config as GPIO??