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    Why Modus Toolbox? Will PSoC Creator get obsolete?




      In our company we use PSoC Creator for a long time with PSoC 5. But now we need to use I2S and need more memory, that's why we decided to start working with PSoC6.


      Then we start to design using PSoC Creator , but then we found out that some devices are not supported by PSoC Creator, including the one of the Development KIT we bought.


      Then we changed to the Modus Toolbox IDE, which supports all PSoC6 devices, but there we found out it doesn't include the logic UDB's which is a very important differential of Cypress, so this was very disappointing


      The question is: Why did the Modus Toolbox appeared? Why couldn't the PSoC Creator support all PSoC6 devices? Will PSoC creator be obsolete in the future or is Cypress going to maintain both tools?


      And is it possible to develop my code using PSoC Creator and then do something like the AN219434 (PSoC 6 MCU Importing Generated Code into an IDE) to import the code to the Development KIT (CY8CPROTO-062-4343W)?