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    some questions about scene


      Hi :

          I encountered some problems when I realize more than one scene in the mesh_vendor_speficic_app project.

         there are two scene callback functions which are mesh_vendor_server_scene_store_handler and mesh_vendor_server_scene_recall_handler in the project

        as we know, if we want to create more than one scene, We should can get the scene numbers.

      however I don't know how to get the scene numbers and scene payload from the massage callback functions:


      uint16_t     mesh_vendor_server_scene_store_handler(uint8_t element_idx, uint8_t *p_buffer, uint16_t buffer_len);

      uint16_t     mesh_vendor_server_scene_recall_handler(uint8_t element_idx, uint8_t *p_buffer, uint16_t buffer_len, uint32_t transition_time, uint32_t delay);



        if there is any method to get the scene payload from the scene coming message p_buffer






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          When I print  the scene message by the uart . the message length buffer_len is 255,I doubt if this is the scene comming message

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            Hi :

               I have do an experiment which I  print the store scene callback funtion input parameters of the lightness server by uart.

                uint16_t wiced_bt_mesh_model_light_lightness_server_scene_store_handler(uint8_t element_idx, uint8_t *p_buffer,   uint16_t buffer_len);


            I can be sure the function can be called when I send the store scene commmand by the mesh client control


            the buffer_len is also  255. the API  wiced_bt_mesh_model_light_lightness_server_scene_store_handler should be  Parsed by Parsed correctly .


            who can tell me how to Parse the store scene and recall scene callback message!