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    n00b: how to create basic debug feedback with PSOC Creator? similar to printf or serial.print on Arduino?


      Hello All!


      Is there a way I can echo simple printf commands inside the IDE for debugging purposes?


      With Arduino I use serial.print() religiously to debug programs as I work.   Seeing what's inside variables, creating breakpoints to see if a program has gone awry, etc.


      I've tried to replicate that approach with my CY8CKIT-059, but the USB UART serial interface is much more complex.  As I learn it, I'm trying to debug it too (LOL!)

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          Yes, it's the first trap I was caught, too ;-)


          As far as I know of, there are at least two approaches we could take

          (1) use printf with changing the configuration (USBUART)

          (2) use UART_PutString() (any UART)


          For (1) There is an AN "KBA89724", it uses USBUART.


          I also posted a topic regarding to this.

          printf and float rhapsody (aka, yet another printf and floating topic)


          I'd recommend you to use USB-Serial function of KitProg

          As I don't want to connect 2 cables to CY8CKIT-059.


          For (2), I'd do something like below




          Pin List


          Then change some build settings, if you need to support "float"

          From the menu  Project > Build Settings...

          Select ARM GCC xxx > Linkder > Command Line, then add Custom Flags

          Add "-u _printf_float" for print, sprintf, and "-u _scanf_float" for scanf, sscanf.


          Similarly in the Linker > General

          Set "Use newlib-nano Float Formatting" to True


          As floating point requires more memory, we also need to change the heap size

          Select and double click to open Workspace Explorer > <the project> > Design Wide Resources


          Then change the Heap Size bigger, the default is 0x80, I changed it to 0x400 here


          Now, the program



          #include "project.h"

          #include "stdio.h"


          char str[64] ; /* print buf */

          void print(char *str)


              UART_PutString(str) ;



          int main(void)


              int icount = 0 ;

              float fcount = 0.0 ;


              CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */


              UART_Start() ;


              sprintf(str, "UART Test (%s %s)\r\n", __DATE__, __TIME__) ;

              print(str) ;




                  sprintf(str, "counts: %5d, %5.2f\r\n", icount, fcount) ;

                  print(str) ;

                  icount++ ;

                  fcount += 0.01 ;

                  CyDelay(1000) ; /* wait 1000ms = 1 sec */  





          I used "Tera Term" for the serial terminal, and the output was