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    Not sure which files to load using the emWin Graphic Library v5.46 for PSoC 5LP project with an ILI9341 240x320 LCD Controller configured for indirect parallel interface.


      I am using a ILI9341 240x320 LCD Controller configured for Parallel indirect interface with a Touch screen.  I do not know whether to add the nosts or osts directory to the compiler from the Include directory. Also, do not know which file to add to the linker libemWin_nosts_cm3_gcc.a or  libemWin_osts_cm3_gcc.a from the GCC directory. I guess this depends on whether I am using RTOS but not sure not sure how to determine whether I am or not. There is the question of which GUI_X  Source file to use, GUI_X.c, GUI_X_FreeRTOS.c, GUI_X_embOS.c or GUI_X_uCOS.c from the FlexColor directory.


      Any suggestion, Thanks Mike