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    IDE Export Tool Does Not Export Application Files


      Hi all,


      I am having an issue where the IDE export wizard in PSoC Creator seems to be unselecting all of the files I select at the Application Files page.


      Further details:

      1. I am generating a CMSIS-Pack
      2. I filled out the vendor name, pack name, etc and left the default uVision path to TOOLS.INI (which is correct for my configuration).
      3. At the application files page, I have tried to export a single file and all of the files, but neither set appears once I import the pack to uVision.

      On the Keil uVision side:

      1. Create a new project
      2. Select the PSoC 4200L target that came from the pack


      Now when I get to the "Manage Run-Time Environment" page, I can add the startup code which is located under "Device" but there is no application code located under "PSoC Creator" like the documentation suggests.


      Is there some setting I am missing here to include the application code?


      Environment Details:

      CY8C4247LTI-L475 (PSoC 4200L)

      PSoC Creator  4.2 (

      uVision V5.26.2.0

      Windows 10


      Thank you in advance.


      Edit: Is seems the generated .gpdsc file is never parsed and used to add the "PSoC Creator" component to the pack. Does this file need to be referenced somewhere to get this to work? At the end of the IDE export, I get a windows popup indication that there is no program to run .gpdsc files which would imply there is something failing in the export script.