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    CYPD3120: Clarifications on schematics




      We are using CYPD3120 to implement HDMI over type C, in our design and needed  clarifications on the below points.


      1. We are supporting source function on USB type C and not sink(However, both host and device functionality is required) and not looking for battery charger function and hence, we have left VBUS pin of CYPD3120 floating. Is this fine ?


      2. My understanding is , when HDMI sink is connected to the Type C connector(via type C to HDMI cable), CC pin detects it and the information can be carried to Application processor(HDMI source) and Super speed MUX via HPD of CYPD3120. Is my understanding correct?


      3. We haven't planned to provide SWD connector, as I understand we can configure the CYPD3120 over I2C. Any comments?


      I have attached the schematics pdf for your reference. Kindly let me know any points of concern in  the schematics.


      Thanks and regards,

      Abhilash G