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    How to use an asynch SRAM (CY62256N) like a synchronous part?


      I am building a homebrew CPU and have now reached the point of designing the SRAM part. I plan of using a simple 32K x 8bit static RAM (such as the Cyprus CY62256N). My concern is that the part is asynchronous but I want it to act like a synchronous part.

      In the the rest of my design, registers are written to on the rising edge of the clock with the required new value already on the data lines.During the rest of the clock period the new instruction is processed and a new value might be placed on the data lines. This is fine because the register only updates on the rising edge and not later on, even though the clock happens to still be high.

      I presume this approach will not work with asynchronous SRAM. I am concerned that the rising edge of the clock will update the SRAM, but if the clock happens to still be high when the value of the data lines is updated for the next instruction it will cause another update that is not wanted.

      Is there some common technique to achieve what I need?