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    A Few Android Devices Can't Connect to PSoC 4; NO onConnectionStateChange Called? Seems to be a problem with LL_VERSION_IND and / or LL_FEATURE_REQ packets.




      I have a production App with production hardware based on the PSoC 4 BLE Component Stack v 3.61.  This works fine on iOS and MOST Android Devices.


      I have been getting reports from some Android users that it doesn't work for them.  I purchased a device that has issues it is Android Version 6.0.1.


      I can confirm that I can't connect to any PSoC 4 BLE devices, with my firmware or examples from the stack.  I am using CySmart to test, CySmart doesn't connect either, it can connect to other BLE devices but not PSoC 4 devices.


      I get a "connected" event in PSoC however I never get a onConnectionStateChange event in Android 6.0.1, it just hangs, there doesn't seem to be any error in Logcat.


      I am running BLE commands in the Main / UI Thread with a Handler / Looper.


      I know 6.0.1 is slightly old however other BLE devices work.  Is there anything I can do?