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    Using CCG3PA as Gen Purpose   USB-C Controller


      We are looking at using the Cypress CCG3PA micro controller as both a USB Type-C port controller (a function we need), as well as include some custom code of our own to do some other housekeeping functions on our PCB, rather than include a separate microcontroller.  We see this is an ARM Cortex M0, and has a few GPIO pins for general use, which would be perfect for our application.


      I have looked online, but have not found a definitive answer as to whether it is possible to use the CC interface to program our own code.  It would be much better than to have to provide a separate access to the SWD programming port, if it can all be done over the USB-C port.  I have also seen mention that the CC interface uses "Vendor Defined Messages" (VDMs) to do this.  Does the Cypress configuration software allow inclusion of custom firmware into the Cortex M0 using these messages?


      Can someone please let us know if it is possible to program your own custom code over the USB-C CC interface into the CCG3PA chip?  And if so, would the CY4501 kit provide this functionality?  Is there anything else that would be needed?





      - Kevin