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    Only first Characteristics visible

      Hi there,


      I'm developing on the Broadcom BCM20736S module. The firmware should present two custom services and severeal characteristics with 128 bit UUIDs together with the "standard" ones for name.


      The first custom service contains four characteristics with the associated service's UUID128 imcremented by one to four. They contain 3, 20, 18 and 1 byte large data.

      The second custom service is considerably larger with 11 characteristics.


      I'm using the Wiced Smart Explorer on an Android 5.1.1 device. I can connect to the device with the correct name showing and discover besides Generic Attribute Service and the Generic Access Service with its characteristics Device Name and Appearance and the first Unknown Service with two unknown characteristics. They show the right UUID128, but the second custom service is missing as well as the two additional characteristics from the first custom service.


      My program is minimal: Inside the _create-function I use bleprofile_Init(bleprofile_p_cfg), bleprofile_GPIOInit(bleprofile_gpio_p_cfg), bleprofile_Discoverable and an init funciton for the PUART.

      Configuration for BLE, PUART and GPIO are used with the bleapp_set_cfg.


      All services are primary services.


      I'm a little stuck now - where should I look and did I commit any common error?


      Best regards

      Hannes Baumgart