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    using analog comparator


      I'm evaluating the PSoC 6 CY8CKIT-062 for use as a BT+WIFI device.  Our current PSoC 5 processor uses some analog components and multiple UARTS, some with flow control and others without.  Other components I need, such as the ADC, seem to be supported.


      In WICED, how do I either A) load a custom PSoC 6 layout so I can access the analog parts or B) if these components are available, access them using WICED?


      I've spent quite a bit of time looking for how new platforms are created, as well, without success.  When/if I create a custom PCB for our design, I'm guessing that would require a custom platform for the PCB - I'm not seeing anywhere how this is done.


      Alternatively, is the expectation that I should use PSoC Creator for the design and somehow port over the BT+WIFI code?  the demo design does not access the radio chip at all, so I'm presuming WICED should be used for all networking activity.



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          The analog parts can't be accessed in WICED to create custom PSoC layouts.
          As of now PSoC Creator needs to be used to create the design and BT + WiFi code needs to be ported.

          There is a plan to include both the processes into a single platform in one of the upcoming Modus ToolBox releases.



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            Ok, kind of backwards from what I was thinking should happen - I assumed PSoC Creator was used to create the platform files required by WICED.


            When you say the BT+WIFI code "needs to be ported", is there an example of that for the development kit?  What exactly does that entail?


            Is there some document that describes creating your custom design?  It seems like, especially with the RTOS and dual core stuff, that porting over the WICED code is a huge task.

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              Sorry for the confusion.

              What i meant by "needs to be ported" is that you need to write a separate code for BT+WiFi using WICED.

              This thread maybe of help : Project Structure for project using PSoC Creator and WICED Studio


              Also, if you are using a PSoC creator code, it needs to be re-written in WICED using the API's available in WICED.