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    usb2 trace length on the HX3 hub

      1. Hi.

      I am in a middle of layout stage with your items HX2 and

      I am using the HX3 - CYUSB3314.


      I have long trace length constrain  - 4 inch for
      USB2:  DS3_D (pins 77 and 78) on the CYUSB3314.

      When reading cypress  HX3 HW  design guide (AN91378)


      , page16, I can see information regarding the SS lines  - up to 11inch’s,length,  which is great.

      But no info regarding the USB2 signal length.


      Could you please advise, What is the maximum allowed , trace length for USB2, with the HX3 - CYUSB3314, and especially on this specific
      pins (77, 78) driver