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    FX3/CX3 overvoltage protection




      In the below reference schematic of the FX3 Type-C Superspeed Explorer Kit a positive overvoltage protection (OVP) controller is used (U11). According to the datasheet, it only supports a maximum current of 600mA (from Vin to Vout). Since both LDOs are hooked up to the output of the OVP, I would assume that the max current the entire board (including potential peripherals connected to the board) can sink is limited to 500mA. Is that correct?



      In our own design, we require more than 500mA. I know that the CX3 needs to be shielded with an OVP. Would it be fine to use the OVP only for the CX3 VBUS input and power the LDOs and all the rest directly from VBUS?