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    BCM20732S layout



      I have the intention to use BCM20732S for my new project. As my PCB size is rather small, i have some limitation on the spcae for BCM20732S.


      On the layout, please refer to page 23 of module datasheet.


      My questions:


      1) In the first picture above, the L-shape GND is on the top layer? Meaning to say we can actually route traces and place components inside? Or it simply means the whole L-shape GND on top layer must be cleared?

      2) 2nd picture, this should be a 2nd layer GND (internal). Meaning to say it has to be in one whole big piece without any breaksge? Or can I follow the shape from the 1st picture above?


      In simple context, for the L-shaped GND, if it is meant for Antenna use, can I lay components and route traces on top of the L-shaped GND, but i will make sure there is no breakage of the GND along the way if this L-Shaped GND is on the top layer?




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