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    Bug in accelerometer driver for WICED Sense (lis3dsh_driver.h)

      I've found that the defined values for Control register 5 doesn't match with the datasheet. This bug directly affects Full-Scale setting (sensitivity) of the sensor.


      In "lis3dsh_driver.h" from line 250 to 255 should be fixed this way.

      #define CNTL5 0x24
      #define BW BIT(6)      //from BIT(7)
      #define FSCALE BIT(3)  //from BIT(5)
      #define ST BIT(1)      //from BIT(2)
      #define SIM BIT(0)


      Moreover, be careful when you have to call GetAccAxesRaw(AxesRaw_t* buff) because it will divide the raw value by 16.


      They cost me a few hours finding what's wrong with my code.