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    Using TIA to make an ECG in PSoC5


      Hi everyone.


      I am using PSoC5 LP - CY8CKIT-050. I am trying to get ECG signal by using the Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA) of PSoC5. The chain I have used in my schematic is shown below.


      I don't know how to use the TIA(I have tryed to read its datesheet, but I didn't full understand it) . Therefore, I'm not sure how to set its pins. I tryed to set the pins as follows:


      With this configuration I didn't get any signal coming from UART. So, I let the PSoC creator set the pins, which is demonstrated in the image below.


      As you can see, E1 is set in P15[0], but I couldn't find this pin in the PSoC 5 board.


      If anyone  have any  idea about this issue I would be happy to hear the answer. Thanks a lot!.

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          Are you using CY8CKIT-050 or CY8CKIT-059 ? I assume that you are using CY8CKIT-050 and will provide the answer based on that. Pin 15[0] is connected to 24 MHz crystal in the corresponding kit. Please see the pin assignment table in the kit user guide . Additionally even though you are using the same device, the kit might have some other feature in hardware. So you have to choose the right pins for each purpose. If you are interested in seeing the TIA output, manually assign it to pins which are visible in the GPIO headers.


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