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    VBUS_C_CTRL, VBUS_P_CTRL CCG3PA pb exemple code



      as i'm diving deep into development of this powerbank project using the reference design and the exemple code i find more problems and confusion.
      in the CCGx power SDK  user guide doesn't explail the purpose of VBUS_C_CTRL, VBUS_P_CTRL and pin2 Type-C port buck-boost regulator enable signal.

      i want to check if the the reference desigh schematic design is right with the TopDesign.cysch.
      1) USB_C_CTL on the CCG3PA  should be pin 4? in schematic design
      2) TYPE_C_CE ont the CCG3PA should be pin 2? in the schematic design ?

      3)shoud CCG3PA pin 9 (DIR_CTRL_C in TopDesign.cysch) connect to the SC8913 INT pin 13 ?