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    Powersave by bleprofile_StartPowersave()

      After calling bleprofile_Init(bleprofile_p_cfg) in create function, current consumption looks higher.

      So I added bleprofile_InitPowersave() and bleprofile_StartPowersave() end of the function.

      Then the power consumption becomes lower.

      Is this correct usage?

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          I'm interested in power saving also.  I don't recall seeing that function discussed in the documentation and the comments in the header file are somewhat cryptic and don't explain exactly what it is for.  I would be interested in following this thread to see the answer(s).


          What is your current power consumption looking like?  I have found that the ble_tracex() function calls will consume a LARGE amount of power.  If you have any traces in your code you should put


          #define BLE_TRACE_DISABLE


          at the top of your .c files.  This will turn your trace calls into no-ops and save power.


          In my App I am sampling an ADC quite frequently and do not want to ever enter HIDOFF (deep sleep).  But I don't want to disable low power mode completely as that would drive the BLE chip to run at around 6 to 8 mAmps continuously.  So I allow "light sleep" in between sampling periods and the chip is currently drawing about 2 to 2.5 mAmps including the ADC which is very low power also.



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            StartPowersave is generally called by the system itself, you should not need to call. 

            Please check that in your profile config the powersave timeout is a non-zero value.



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              Kevin, Thank you for your comment. I'll try this later.