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    PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit: Debug not starting




      After some projects and experience with PSoC 4, I wanted to learn more about PSoC 6. Therefore I bought the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit and started the 1-3-Hello World PWM Project from the tutorial. It builds and programs succesfully, but there's no blinky LED. So I started the debug-mode to figure out what's the problem. Once started with the debug it never stops running. Normally I was used to that it will begin with a breaking point at the main loop, so that I can step through the code. When I press pause I get the following Screen.

      When I press play and pause again all the red registers are turning to black (--> no changes in registers).

      So I guess the code is stucked somewhere before it starts the main loop.


      I've already tried other examples but it's always the same issue...


      Thanks already if someone could help me