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    Checking vbus_in voltage on CCG3PA?




      What is the proper way to check the voltage at VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE pin of CCG3PA from firmware?


      At first, I tried the function vbus_get_value(port) from the FW API, but it appears that function is checking the voltage from VBUS_C_MON_DISCHARGE pin. I got a reading back of 0mV after power-up when VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE=5V and VBUS_C_DISCHARGE=0V (no device attached). We have back-to-back FETs separating the VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE and VBUS_C_MON_DISCHARGE pins so their voltage can be different.




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          Hi Jonathan,


          May I know what's example firmware you are refer to?


          If you are using CYPD3171-24LQXQ_cla or CYPD3175-24LQXQ_pa_direct_fb, the ADC input is wire to VBUS_C_Discharge. And you can see the Application block in the datasheet or CY4532 schematic, the VBUS_C_Discharge is wire to the VBUS node of Type-C interface.


          If you are using  CYPD3171-24LQXQ_pb, the the ADC input is wire to VBUS_IN_Discharge. With this case,


          Please kindly take a look the hardware and firmware on your end and make sure it is match.

          And then, If the VBUS_IN_Discharge is wire to VBUS node of Type-C interface. Below API can be reference.


          * @brief Measure the current voltage on the VBus supply.

          * @param port PD port to be measured.

          * @return VBus voltage in mV units.


          uint16_t pd_hal_measure_vbus(uint8_t port);


          Best Regards,


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            Thanks Lisa for the distinction. It makes sense. However, I would like to know if the input to the ADC is selectable by us or is this a hidden configuration inside the PA/CLA/PB project.

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              Hi Lisa,


              Here are more info...


              I have a PA project (not PB), but hope to be able to temporarily switch the input to the ADC to sample the VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE voltage. I can point the ADC input back to VBUS_C_MON_DISCHARGE after the initial sample.


              I was playing with the input to the ADC. By default, pd_hal_measure_vbus_in is getting sample:


              PD_ADC_INPUT_AMUX_B using PD_ADC_ID_0


              I tried writing my own function to read:

              PD_ADC_INPUT_AMUX_A using PD_ADC_ID_0 but with partial success. Perhaps my AMUX select is not selecting VBUS exactly. It seems to be selecting an internal node. How do I configure AMUX_A/AMUX_B to temporarily sample VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE?


              Thanks in advance,



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                Hi Jonathan,


                Your understand is correct. You could refer below example to read voltage on VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE node.


                uint16_t VBUS_IN_measure (uint8_t port)


                    /* Sample the VCC voltage using ADC. */

                    uint8_t level;

                    uint16_t retval;



                //  Use VBUS_IN monitor VBUS

                    PPDSS_REGS_T pd = gl_pdss[port];

                    pd->amux_nhv_ctrl |= ((1 << AMUX_ADC_CCG3PA_VBUS_IN_8P_EN_POS) |

                    (1 << AMUX_ADC_CCG3PA_VBUS_IN_20P_EN_POS));   



                    level = pd_adc_sample(port, APP_VBUS_POLL_ADC_ID, APP_VBUS_POLL_ADC_INPUT);

                    retval = pd_adc_get_vbus_voltage(port, APP_VBUS_POLL_ADC_ID, level);



                //  Revise back to VBUS_C

                    pd->amux_nhv_ctrl &= ~((1 << AMUX_ADC_CCG3PA_VBUS_IN_8P_EN_POS) |

                    (1 << AMUX_ADC_CCG3PA_VBUS_IN_20P_EN_POS));



                    return retval;



                Best Regards,