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    CY4532 Silk screen error?




      1) Further to this thread:


      Re: QC3.0 Support with CCG3A


      we have now purchased the CY4532 and have started our testing.


      2) Using the flash tool by Cypress, fairly confident that we saw "UFP-AMA" for the CCG3PA device but then reflashed with our modified firmware to test the VBUS_A values using the onboard buck-boost regulator.


      3) The quick testing appears to be working and we are able to alter the VBUS_A values but now the reflash tool is reporting "UFP-Unknown". Why? How do we correct this? Using mini-prog3 tool? If yes, we need to be 110% sure the jumper details are correct in the documentation.




      4) After a review of our jumper settings, believe that we have found an error? J6 on the MAIN BOARD has a silk screened ARROW usually to denote pin # 1 but according to the following webpage, the white arrow is actually pin # 3??


      Please confirm so we can be clear on the proper Pin 1, 2, 3 position of J6. This appears to be a silk screening error on the PCB design or documentation for flashing.


      This webpage:


      Frequently Asked Questions on CY4532 CCG3PA Kit – KBA226613






      Sorry - wish to add:


      a) after experimenting with the CLA firmware for adapter use, reflashed using the Cypress supplied firmware from the SDK download:




      But unable to restore the "UFP-Unknown" to "UFP-AMA". Is this related to no attached devices on the PCB? Both Type C and Type A connectors are not mated to any device.

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          "UFP-Unknown" will have not any effect on your programming, you do not need to worry about that.

          The information in KBA226613 is not correct. you should short PIN 2-3 for programming CY4532 with MiniProg3.



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            Thank you for your reply.


            1) What is the definition of the  "UFP-AMA" label? Believe that UFP = upstream facing port but not clear on "AMA".


            2) After reflashing with the CCG4A onboard the kit (not using the miniprog3 as of this writing), should we be able to restore the "UFP-AMA" label? Just concerned if we have lost some features of the kit due to the "UNKNOWN" label.


            Respectively, are you recommending that we use the Miniprog3 tool (which we have in the lab) to restore this kit?


            It is a real shame and disappointing to hear that we can find bugs inside what should be a solid tool after about a year or more of public release. We also found many errors in the earlier Cypress hardware tools including the hair line traces that were alleged to support 20V @ 5A current. This after investing and shelving almost $1,000 worth of tools in PD 1.0. History keeps repeating..corrected some major faults with VIA semiconductor e-marker silicon a few years ago. Frustrating to say the least.


            Appreciate your comments and assistance.

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              AMA means "Alternate Mode Adapter".

              As for now, you do not need restore the kit because it does not have any problem currently. The "UNKNOWN" label does not affect anything. When you cannot see CCG3PA in the device tree, you can use a MiniProg to restore the firmware.


              I'm sorry there are mistakes in the webpage. Whenever there are conflicts between documentation spec and others, please follow the information in the documentation spec.



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                You can modify the Product type to AMA so the device will be shown as UFP-AMA in device tree.