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    CYBLE-222014-01 with Central & Peripheral simultaneously




      I have selected module CYBLE-222014-01 (based on PSoC4 BLE) to develop a new project where this module must work simultaneously both as CENTRAL (handling other module working as peripheral) as PERIPHERAL (getting/setting characteristics from/to a smartphone).


      I have started to test this situation (using 2 modules CYBLE-222014-01 and a smartphone). First I set the Central&Peripheral module as Peripheral (using function CyBle_GappStartAdvertisement()). Then I try to connect to the second Peripheral Module (using function CyBle_GapcConnectDevice()), but I receive an error event CYBLE_EVT_HCI_STATUS with parameter CYBLE_HCI_MAX_NUMBER_OF_CONNECTIONS_ERROR.


      My questions:

           Is it posible use module CYBLE-222014-01 working simultaneously both as CENTRAL as PERIPHERAL?

           If not posible, Is there any other module that suport this working mode?


      Thanks in advance.