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    cybt_353027_eval puart debug problem


      I have a stock wiced studio 6.4 . I have two cybt-353027 boards.  I am trying to run the app.beacon snip.  I believe the device is getting programmed correctly as I can scan and see the beacons, however no debug info is coming out of the puart.


      demo.beacon-CYBT_353027_EVAL PORT=COM11 download


      if I program this


      demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_353027_EVAL PORT=COM11 download


      I see degug info out the puart.


      Again this is all stock.  I know the swtiches are set right and I am seeing data on com8 at 115200 with hello sensor just not with beacon.


      both make files have




      is there a problem with the beacon project?