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    How can I change the channel on the fly using wwd_set_channel function


      For our project, our requirement is that the client (CYW43907 Evaluation Kit) needs to switch the frequency/channel of the wifi radio while being associated/on-the-fly. I have tried using wwd_wifi_set_channel. For example, wwd_wifi_set_channel( WWD_STA_INTERFACE, 9 ), in order to switch the radio for tx/rx the packets using channel 9. However, after switching the channel, when I check the channel using wwd_wifi_get_channel(), it still shows the original channel, which means that the channel was not switched to 9.


      use case:

      - The client (CYW43907 Evaluation Kit) associates with AP on channel 5.

      - Every 5 seconds the client switches the channel from 5 to 9 and back to 5 from 9. Basically, it alternates between channel 5 and 9 every 5 seconds without disassociation and reassociation.



      Can someone please explain the basic working of wwd_wifi_set_channel function, or how the channel switch assignment is performed on WICED platforms.