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    ota fr issued by using SSBN01 board



      I occurred some problem after "make snip.ota_fr-SSBWMN01 download download_apps run" and the error message are as follows:


      ----------------------Below are error message----------------------

      Downloading Bootloader ...

      Illegal division by zero at ./tools/text_to_c/sector_count.pl line 27.

      Building apps lookup table

      ./WICED/platform/MCU/wiced_apps_lut.c:63:46: error: expected expression before ',' token

                   .sectors = { {FR_APP_SECTOR_START,FR_APP_SECTOR_COUNT} }


      tools/makefiles/wiced_apps.mk:64: recipe for target 'build/snip_ota_fr-SSBWMN01/APPS.elf' failed

      make.exe[1]: *** [build/snip_ota_fr-SSBWMN01/APPS.elf] Error 1

      make.exe[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

      No changes detected


      Can someone tell me what's going on and what I can do to solve it? Or this snip only can run BCM943362WCD4 evaluation board?


      Thank you.