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    Audio Cuts


      There 2 Chips which are placed very closed to each other(Hope the BT is not interfering it ).


      1. BT1 is connected to Phone  : Phone(A2dp Source) , BT1(A2dp Sink).

      2. BT2 is connect to CAR or Any Speaker :BT2(A2dp Source) and Car(A2DP sink).

      3. The Audio is transfer from BT1 to BT2 through SAI interface.



      There are various problems faced:

      1. There are Audio cuts( May be the A2DP packet drop) when the music is playing through car speaker(Only in BMW and Minicooper).

      2. If A2DP is connected for the BT2 and we play music on the Speaker of BT1 then also the cuts are heard only with BMW and MINI.

      3. If BT1 is connected without BT2 then there is no cuts on the speaker of BT1.


      What could be the reason for the Audio Cuts that too only with BMW and MIni.

      1. Is it gonna be buffer Size of DMA.

      2. Is it gonna be buffer Size of Profile intialization.

      3. Is there any way we can increase the Strength of the Bluetooth Module.