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    How to adjust PA parameters for CYW43340



      cyw43340 OTP document is as follows:




      1.What are the meanings of pa0b0,pa0b1 and pa0b2 respectively, and what are the validity of their respective parameters ?

      How should we adjust the parameters according to our actual circuit ?


      2. Pa1lob0,pa1b0, and pahib0 correspond to 5 GHz low-band, 5 GHz mid-band, and 5 GHz hi-band, respectively !

        What is the frequency range corresponding to 5 GHz low-band, 5 GHz mid-band and 5 GHz hi-band respectively ?


      We are using 43340 for rf performance test and have encountered some problems, so we want to know how to adjust it. We hope to get a reply as soon as possible. Thank you !