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    Mesh example code suggestion

    Ashok Ra

      Hi All, DheerajP_41 AnjanaM_61


      I have requirement like, 

      Board 1 is with mesh sensor server app, which publish data to mesh network.

      Board 2 is with XXXXXX mesh application which subscribe the data from mesh network.

      so if i send sensor data from Board1 , board2 should receive it.


      i can do some workaround with existing light example and make it work, before putting hands i just want to know,

      if any example code already exists ,which full fills for my requirement.


      also i tried something in a short time.. which did not help..

      In the Board2 i flashed mesh switch app, then below changes


      wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_model_t   mesh_element1_models[] =







        // wiced_bt_mesh_model_onoff_client_init(ONOFF_SWITCH_ELEMENT_INDEX, NULL, is_provisioned);

          wiced_bt_mesh_model_sensor_client_init(0, mesh_sensor_client_handler, is_provisioned);


      my expectation was, to receive some events when Board1 publish data but did not happen,


      let me know, if anyone can comment on this.