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    Secure Image Crashes with PSoc Creator


      I am using board CY8CKIT-062-BLE, I need to run secure image with my application over this board. I start to run the secure image and the cypress application example with PSoc creator 4.2, just to see how secure image is run before I use my application. So I build the workspace found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.0.1\security\secure_image\example"  it builds and flashed  successfully, but nothing happens over board (No led is blinking). I did it without using efuse generator, as I need to see usr_app0 runs successfully with secure image. I started a debug session of secure image over CM0+ and it seems that firmware is crashed at this line

      sflash_verifyapp_func_t fp = (sflash_verifyapp_func_t)CY_SI_IMGVAL_VERIFYAPP_REG;


      in function "Cy_FB_VerifyApplication" in file cy_si_config.h


      Now I can not run secure image with the supported user application example, could any one help ?