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    How to interface touch sensor to psoc 6


      Can anyone tell how to use TOUCH sensor with psoc using ADC BLOCK

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          Hi prJ_3956181


          Touch sensor, called CapSense in PSoC, can be implemented in two ways: CSD or CSX. It uses an ADC to measure the change in capacitance, and hence, the CapSense block can directly be used.


          CSD implementation requires a copper pad that acts as a button, and this measures the change in capacitance to determine the presence or absence of a touch.

          CSX uses a Tx and an Rx electrode to measure the mutual capacitance formed between them to detect a touch.


          Please refer the appnotes Getting Started with CapSense and CapSense design guide for more information.


          You can also check the code examples provided with PSoC creator or modus toolbox for getting started with CapSense coding.


          Please let us know your requirement so that we can provide a more accurate answer.


          Thanks and regards