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    PSoC3 Graphic LCD (128 x 64)


      Can anyone help me get started with a PSoC3 (CY8C32345LTI-163) project using a graphic LCD (New Haven, ST7565R controller)?

      I don't see any examples in PSoC3, and I have tried creating from scratch and also cloning a PSoC6 example (save as template, then create new project based on that). Both of those have created errors that I have not been able to resolve (component differences...).

      I suspect that graphic LCD on PSoC3 must have been done plenty of times. If anyone is willing to share a project to get me started I would appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance -


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          Please note that although there are some differences such as the CPU cores between PSoC3 (8051) and PSoC5 (Cortex M3), the programmable analog, programmable digital, programmable routing, pin functions, and other features are quite similar. Furthermore, the PSoC Creator IDE handles a lot of the migration issues for you, automatically. Hence I suggest searching examples for PSoC5 than PSoC6.


          There are no examples with PSoC3, but you can find some for PSoC5 which should be easier to port and get you started. I have listed some below:


          You can learn more about the things to take care during migration here: https://www.cypress.com/file/45941/download




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            I'm working with Dan on this and we've gotten the interface to the LCD working via the GraphicLCDIntf UDB.  We can send low level commands to the ST7565R and draw to the LCD.


            We are now trying to get emWin working.  The licensed download at https://www.cypress.com/documentation/component-datasheets/segger-emwin-graphic-library-emwingraphic seems to only have the LCD667XX.c driver included.  I've read elsewhere on this forum that it might be possible to get other drivers from Cypress as a part of that licensing deal.  If it would be possible to get the SPage driver that supposedly supports the ST7565, that would be great.


            Failing that, if a copy of the GUIDRV_Template(.c/.h) that matches the Cypress emWin distribution version could be made available, I should be able to work from that as well.


            Thanks for any assistance you can provide in this area.

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              emWin for PSoC 3 is a emWin v4.0, which was ported by Segger to 8051 architecture. SPage driver was added to emWin only starting from v5.12.


              In the PSoC3 package available, the GUIDRV_Template is available in the path "emWinGraphics_v5_46\Code\Source\PSoC3\Graphics LCD Controller" as GUIDRV_Control.c which is available along with the GraphicsLCDController driver.


              You can modify LCD_L0_SetPixelIndex() and LCD_L0_GetPixelIndex() functions in the GUIDRV_Control.c file in order to implement required display driver.