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    Software compatibility between CYBLE222005-00 and CYBLE222014-01


      A few months ago we produced a couple hundred devices includung the CYBLE222005-00 module.

      Now we wanted to build a new batch of this device and got the information from our manufacturer that the CYBLE222005-00 module is discontinued and replaced by the CYBLE222014-01 module.

      So we will have a mix of different module versions (CYBLE222005-00 and CYBLE222014-01) in our products in the field.


      As we use the Cypress OTA update feature including the bootloader/bootloadable functionality, we have the following question:

      Is it possible, to update (OTA) our existing devices (fitted with the CYBLE222005-00 module) with a firmware which will be compiled for the CYBLE222014-01 module?

      Will the software compiled for the CYBLE222014-01 module run on the CYBLE222005-00 module?