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    Improved Touch Gesture Solution


      I thought I would share an improved touch gesture solution. Please try it out and I would appreciate any feedback.


      I started out with the CY8CKIT-044 Touch Gesture example and found the solution overly complicated and difficult to modify. I rewrote the "DetermineActiveButton()" and "DetectGesture()" functions. The concept was to capture 3 button sequence and compare that button sequence to gesture patterns defined in an array "swipe_pattern". This can be easily expanded to include other patterns like across and down, [LEFT, CENTER, DOWN]. Also, the original clockwise and counter_clockwise patterns required 5 buttons sequence to detect the first gesture and a further 3 button sequence to detect a continuing sequence.. I modified this so that only 3 buttons are required to detect a clockwise or counter_clockwise gesture and only one more button to detect a continuing sequence. The clockwise and counter_clockwise gestures work really nicely. Look how quickly the LED color changes with circular patterns.


      I also left the logger feature in the project as it was very helpful in debugging this solution.

      GitHub - isyq/logger: A log system for PSoC project