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    How to configure CX3 mipi receive frame rate



           I am developing with the denebola RDK now.I read the linux ov5640 driver code, and found out the sensor's frame rate can be changed by register 0x3035, 0x3036, 0x3037 precisely.Actually I just decrease the 0x3036 PLL multiple register by quarter to reduce the frame rate from 60fps to 15ps, and change the CyU3PMipicsiCfg_t parameter by Cx3 configuration tool.But unfortunately I don't see any data output at the DMA transaction, instead Just:DMA RESET, from serial output.

      what's the problem with it?

      And also, when the denebola is connected to a PC and capturing pictures. I don't see any signal on the PCLK, Hsync, Vsync PINS, which are connected to CX3 Hsync_test..., So how to make this PINs output refrence signal?