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    Best processor for my application


      Hi everyone,

      I want help from the support team to select the perfect controller for my application.

      Description & specs:

                   - at least 5 ADC ports

                   - ADC Resolution: 12 bit or higher

                   - to read  50 ksps /1 ADC port (not necessarily all ADC at the same time)

                   - save the recorded data and transmit them via BLE or WIFI

                   - to connect multiple sensors (slave) in chain or to a central hub (master) (can you suggest best technology to perform this task)

      thank you for your support

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          PSoC4BLE might be suitable for your application.https://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-4-ble-bluetooth-smart


          1) I guess you want 5 ADC channels. SAR ADC have 16 channels. Or if you want the signal to be connected to 5 external inputs through GPIO, that is also possible. It can be directly connected to 14 GPIOs(some of them are buffered through opamp).

          2) SAR ADC can go upto 1Msps maximum speed. No of channels will decrease the sampling time per channel if you are sequencing through channels.

          3)It supports Bluetooth v4.2 compliant component

          4)The Device supports SPI,I2C components and custom APIs generated which will make it easy for you while interfacing.t


          Best Regards,

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