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    Adding just one more static variable (no matter where) crashes the program




      We have CYBLE-224110-00 (PSOC 4).

      We have a serious issue with our project.

      We are working with the fixed stack bootloader project.


      We reached a situation that when we add just one more static variable to the bootloadable code (doesn't matter which file/function/name), then things begin to fall apart when the bootloadable is running. The program manages to run but at various and consistent cases we can cause it to crash. If we remove the static variable then everything works fine in the same scenarios.

      It's as if there is a memory issue of some kind.


      We tried to increase/decrease heap and stack sizes in the code (based on what's written here: How to change Stack/Heap sizes of FIXED STACK BOOTLOADER project?

      but changing them in either direction does not change the situation. Just to clarify, before we even attempted to change the heap and the stack, PSOC Creator indicated that our RAM utilization is at 93% and ROM utilization is at 99.3%.


      We are basically stuck without the ability to understand what is the problem and how to fix it.


      Any help would be appreciated.