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    MFG firmwave Carrier Wave TEST not success



      I'm testing it for Carrier Wave on CYW43438,With reference to the document by   WICED-MFG202-R.pdf   in stutio 6.4


      As instructed, I should enter the following instructions:

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 ver


      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 down

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 country ALL

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 band b

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 mpc 0

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 up

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 out

      wl<chip_name> --serial 3 fqacurcy 6


      But why can't fqacurcy 6 run successfully


      My test information is as follows:


      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 ver
      7.10 RC323.21
      wl0: Nov 19 2014 14:46:48 version 7.10.323.21 (r508257 WLTEST) FWID 01-ebbd8e70

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 down

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 country ALL

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 band b

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 mpc 0

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 up

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 out

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 fqacurcy 6
      set_info_fe: remote cdc header return error code (1998)
      query_info_fe: remote cdc header return error code 1998
      Error getting the last error


      I don't know what this response error code means

      but  wl43438A1 --serial 3 fqacurcy 0  command is running successfully

      get wl43438A1 --serial 3 fqacurcy  command arg is 0-14,Now only 0 can succeed, 1-14 can not succeed,As follows:

      E:\Tools\tool_new>wl43438A1 --serial 3 fqacurcy


              Manufacturing test: set frequency accuracy mode.

              freqacuracy syntax is: fqacurcy <channel>

              Arg is channel number 1-14, or 0 to stop the test.

      Notes:The tool I used in the test is also in stutio 6.4,Path is:43xxx_wifi/libraries/test/wl_tool/wl43438A1.exe


      Please help me to confirm the cause of this problem and give guidance,Thinks!