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    BCM4354 test mode for FCC certification


      I'm looking to FCC certify a Nvidia Jetson TX2 product which uses the BCM4354 module. It appears that in order to put the module into continuous transmission mode, I require the "wl" utility. Unfortunately, the SDK that Nvidia provides does not include this utility.


      I've located these two other posts that seem relevant:




      Based on these posts, I have a precompiled ARM version of wl that is executable on the TX2, but it's not able to actually execute any commands. This leads me to believe that in order for wl to work, I require the bcmfmac driver instead of the bcmdhd driver that's currently used, but I can't find any documentation that confirms this.


      Any help in acquiring a working wl tool would be greatly appreciated. Do I need to get bcmfmac loaded in order to do this?