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    Call initiation with CWY920819




      I am trying to set up a Bluetooth connection using the CWY920819 board which can initiate a call through the connection with a connected phone. I saw that this may be possible through the HCI_audio_gateway, but I am struggling to get that setup. Is it possible, and is there a reference I can use to do that? I do not need audio routing, just a call initiation.


      I was working with the hci_audio_gateway example for the 920721 but the wiced_bt_rfcomm.h file is missing the wiced_bt_rfcomm_init() function, which I saw in another forum is necessary. So perhaps getting that source code is all that is needed? If so where can I get that?





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          I have since gotten the wiced_bt_rfcomm_init() function and have been able to compile and load the code from the hci_audio_gateway to the device. When using client control I am able to find a device and connect, but when I attempt to have the AG connect it fails. Looking at the BTspy it seems that the AG is not working properly. Here are a few lines:


          18:04:28.481 1 hci_control_ag_sdp_cback status:0x0

          18:04:28.481 1 Looking for HFP service

          18:04:28.481 1 hci_control_ag_sdp_find_attr( ) - could not find AG service

          18:04:28.481 1 [1]hci_control_ag_rfcomm_start_server: rfcomm_create Res: 0x0  Port: 0x0006

          18:04:28.481 1 [1]hci_control_send_ag_event: Sending Event: 3585  to UART

          18:04:28.481 [Handle: 1] Rcvd HCI_CONTROL_AG_EVENT_OPEN   BDA: 00:01:00:20:fb:b8  Status: 1

          18:04:28.497 INVALID HCI_INX 65525 FOR HCI_HANDLE 0x0000. channel ID = 0x0001 controller_id 1

          18:04:28.497 RCVD [0] ACL Data from HCI. Handle: 0x00b  Boundary: 2  Brdcst: 0  Len: 12  Data: 0x08 0x00 0x01 ...

          18:04:28.497 Data:

          18:04:28.497     0000: 08 00 01 00 07 06 04 00 49 00 4d 00               ........I.M.   

          18:04:28.497 RCVD [1] Event from HCI.  Name: HCI_Number_Of_Completed_Packets   (Hex Code: 0x13  Param Len: 5)

          18:04:28.497                                        0 : 11 (0x000b) - 2

          18:04:31.498 SENT [1] Command to HCI.  Name: HCI_Disconnect   (Hex Code: 0x0406  Param Len: 3)

          18:04:31.498                        Connection Handle : 11 (0x000b)

          18:04:31.498                                   Reason : 19 (0x13)

          18:04:31.498 RCVD [1] Event from HCI.  Name: HCI_Command_Status   (Hex Code: 0x0f  Param Len: 4)

          18:04:31.498                                   Status : Success (0x00)

          18:04:31.498                      Num HCI Cmd Packets : 1 (0x01)

          18:04:31.498                                 Cmd Code : 0x0406  (HCI_Disconnect)

          18:04:31.639 RCVD [1] Event from HCI.  Name: HCI_Disconnection_Complete   (Hex Code: 0x05  Param Len: 4)

          18:04:31.639                                   Status : Success (0x00)

          18:04:31.639                        Connection Handle : 11 (0x000b)

          18:04:31.639                                   Reason : 22 (0x16)

          18:04:31.639                                            Connection Terminated by Local Host

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            Hi Ryan,


            Good to know that you were able to compile the code.!

            I would suggest you to go through /20719-B1_Bluetooth/apps/demo/hci_audio_gateway for implementation of the profile and check if you are missing something in your code. Looks like some invalid HCI command is being sent and soon disconnection is happening.

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              I actually didn't rewrite any code, I simply took the files from github, changed the modus.mk file to allow my device to compile, and then built and downloaded it to the board. I noticed that the help in the client control for the ag suggests that the peer device to connect to should be a "headset, speaker, car-kit supporting hands-free profile". This suggests that the device is not supposed to be the phone which would receive the commands? In which case the AG is setup for the device to act as the cellular receiver, rather than the command initiator. Is this correct? This would not seem to fit the role so I would assume this is just improperly documented/recommended.


              I attempted to connect to bluetooth headphones with hfp and the connection was allowed, although audio connection was not. This was one step closer than connecting to a cellphone, but obviously still short of the mark. Looking at the BT spy, I see that there is a line which says


              10:49:42.785 1 [1]hci_control_send_ag_event: Sending Event: 3585  to UART

              10:53:32.629   Connect to a peer device supporting the HF profile

              10:57:31.242 SENT [1] Command to HCI.  Name: HCI_IO_Capability_Request_Reply   (Hex Code: 0x042b  Param Len: 9)

              10:57:31.242                        BD_ADDR of remote : 40-4e-36-3d-67-f5

              10:57:31.242                            IO Capability : 0x03 [NoInputNoOutput]

              10:57:31.242                    OOB Data Present Flag : 0 (0x00)

              10:57:31.242                     MITM Protection Flag : 4 (0x04)(GB no)


              Does the IO capability of NoInputNoOutput mean that it is unable to work in this state? This is a cellphone which has been used plenty with other embedded bluetooth hfp so it should work appropriately if given the correct setup.



              Let me know if you have a recommendations!





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                Hi Ryan,


                The IO capability of the device is defined in the application using event BTM_PAIRING_IO_CAPABILITIES_BR_EDR_REQUEST_EVT and BTM_PAIRING_IO_CAPABILITIES_BLE_REQUEST_EVT. Here BTM_IO_CAPABILITIES_NONE means no input, no output functionality.

                This should not be the reason for non-working of code.

                Can you send me the link from where you ported this example code so that I can try testing it?

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                  Hmm okay good to know. Here is a link to a github directory where I simply copied the entire folder over.


                  GitHub - Ryandry1st/WICED_HCI_AG_TEST: A test of porting the wiced hci audio gateway to the CYW20819


                  It includes the entire folder, with the included libraries in the event any of those are the problem. The main application file is the empty_wiced_bt.c file and it contains the examples main code from file hci_control.c


                  Let me know how your test goes!