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    Cy_Em_EEPROM_Write variables overlapping global variables




      I'm trying to use the emulated eeprom in a project, and I noticed that when I try to write something on the EM_EEPROM it would change the values of my global variables and break my code.


      When I was debugging i noticed on the function Cy_Em_EEPROM_Write, the variables address are overlapping the other variable addresses:


      wearLevelingFactor 0x00000001 0x2000024C (All) unsigned long

      emEepromRowAddr 0x00000001 0x2000024C (All) unsigned long



      On the pictures you can see that emEepromRowAddr is getting the same address than context->wearLevelingFactor


      Does anyone know what could be the issue that is causing this?


      Thank you!