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    Best method to communicate commands from PC to PSoC5?


      This is a pretty noob question, I apologize now for my ignorance, I have been searching around and haven't found much on the subject. I am designing my first board that incorporates a PSoC device (CY8C5287AXI-LP095). The board is basically just a MUX board, where the majority of the GPIO pins will be used to control the MUXs on the boards. There will be some I2C communication to other devices.


      My intentions were to send commands from a PC to the PSoC which would then turn on and off the GPIO pins as requested or run certain functions when told to do so. What would be the best communication protocol or method be to accomplish this?


      I guess I'm a bit hazy on UART vs USB. I have a CY8CKIT-059 that I was able to setup UART on. The example I used basically turns on and off the LED and checks the condition of the switch with PuTTY commands, great it worked on the kit, this would be perfect. The kit was plugged into the USB on the side of the computer, but I used a UART component on my TopDesign. The UART example I used communicated through the kitprog -> target board, so this made things even more confusing since I set pins as RX/TX then connected nothing to them.


      If I want to use UART what other hardware do I need since I wont be using a kitprog or miniprog permanently connected to my design? Do I just wire said hardware to the SIO pins like the ones I "used" in my example?


      Thank you