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    Generate/Build Project Error



      I have been using PSoC Designer 5.4 for a while now and I have ran into a new problem that I have not seen before. When I Generate/Build a Project (Pressing F6) PSoC Designer gives me the following;


      Starting MAKE...

      creating project.mk

      make: *** No rule to make target `N:\Documentation\Components,', needed by `lib/obj/adc10_1.o'.  Stop.


      PGM0022_Rev08 - 1 error(s) 0 warning(s) 09:56:10

      Background information, this problem only started after we had a new server installed at our company. I have went and tried to Generate/Build a Project older projects that never had problems. All of those working projects have the same error code.

      My next step was to clone the non-working Project to the desktop of my work computer. When I Generate/Build a Project it Built without errors, but when I clone this same Project from my desktop back onto the Server, the error code came back.

      I have also tried this on other work computers, it does not build while the project is saved on our server. Again, when I save it to the desktop of a work computer the project builds with that error code.

      I did have our IT Company check if there was any permission and or Firewall problems. Our IT Company did not find any problems, I do have access to all the folders where the project is saved on the server.

      If anyone has any information and or a Fix to this problem would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank You,

      Jake Johnson

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          Hello Jake,


          In you PSoC Designer project directory, there would be project.mk, project.dep and mkdep files. Can you check if the directory names in these files are valid after the migration to filesystem server? Is the filesystem server Windows based or Unix based? There are minute differences which can cause issues.


          Best regards,

          Sampath Selvaraj

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            Hi SampathS_11,


            Sorry for the late replay, as I believed that my replay was already sent earlier on.


            Migrating through my Projects directory, I did find the files that you listed in your email.


            I open each of these files properties and the folder path did match with our new Sever.


            Our Server is Windows Base.


            Any other items that I should check?


            I took a quick picture of the items listed in that folder.






            Please and Thanks,



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              Hello Jake,


              Would it be possible for you to let me know the environment variables in your system?

              Where is PSoC Designer installed - In your system or the server?

              Do you have source files on the server - What are those?

              What is the drive alphabet of the server filesystem?


              Best regards,

              Sampath Selvaraj