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    Which is faster for programming, S29JL064J or S29GL064N?


      Hi everyone,

      I am implementing a FLASH into my project and I am trying to choose one out of these two Cypress products - the S29GL064N or the S29JL064J.


      The S29JL064J has 55ns cycle time, whereas the S29GL064N has 90ns cycle time.


      As long as the read cycle time is 90ns or less, it will work for my project, but I am looking to choose the device with the shortest erase + programming time.


      At first the S29JL064J looks like the faster device, but the S29GL064N has the Write Buffer feature, which can write 32 bytes in a single operation (with 6 setup cycles).


      Does that make the S29GL064N  the overall faster device for programming? Or is the S29JL064J still faster using it's Unlock Bypass mode?


      Can someone please recommend me the chip that offers the shortest erase/programming time?


      Thanks for your help.


      Best regards,


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          Hello Alister,


          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor.


          Both the S29GL064N and the S29JL064J are 3.0V FLASH products with 64Mb in memory density.

          However, the sector architecture may differ between the two FLASH memory devices.


          It is important to highlight that the Accelerated Programming (VHH) feature (which uses a high voltage)

          is used in a production environment to increase faster manufacturing and production throughput at the

          factory.  Note that VHH must not be asserted on WP#/ACC for operations other than accelerated programming,

          or device damage may result.


          S29GL064N : 

             VHH = 11.5V to 12.5V

             Chip Erase :  ~64secs

             Full (16-word/32-byte) Write Buffer Program. :  ~240uS

             Accel. Full (16-word/32-byte) Write Buffer Program :  ~200uS 


          URL to S29GL046N datasheet :




          S29JL064J :  VHH = 8.5V to 9.5V

             VHH = 8.5V to 9.5V

             Chip Erase :  ~71secs

             Individual Byte/Word Program. :  ~6uS

             Accel. Individual Byte/Word Program :  ~4uS 


          URL to S29JL064J datasheet :




          Hope this helps...



          Best regards,


          Cypress Semicondcutor

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            Thanks Albert.

            I looks like erasing is slower on the S29JL064J  but writing is up to twice as fast. So I will aim implementation of this particular PCB for that EEPROM.

            Thanks again,