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    What is the maximum TCP performance is achievable for CYW43340?


      We bought the module with chip CYW43340 and hope to apply it in one large project.

      I ported the WICED drivers for the CYW43340 with interface SDIO in my controller (Renesas with Cortex-M4 core  240 MHz).

      Firmware for the module i took from WICED SDK 6.4 (Version: 6.49.29 (r714254) )

      A RTOS ThreadX and their TCP stack run on my controller.

      But I can’t get FTP transfer speed through the module more than 3 MByte/s on the 2.4 GHz band, and 5 MByte/s on the 5 GHz band.

      Its not problem with TCP stack or SDIO interface, as I see long stall states from WiFi module side.

      The transmission conditions were created perfect, the W-Fi router was 1 m from the module

      Computer through the same router transmitted FTP data with a speed of more than 10 MByte/s



      The question is whether the CYW43340 are capable of transmitting TCP data (in particular FTP) with a speed of more than 6 MByte/s

      and whether exist  evoluation board with this chip that could be connected to a PC to check the maximal speed?