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    Encore II (CY7C63813-PXC) Linux driver


      Greetings everyone,


      I'm looking into options, to use a Cypress Encore II, CY7C63813-PXC based device programmer under Linux, namely for using the flashrom Open Source utility (flashrom.org) for programming flash chips. I'd be interested to know if there's a native Linux driver for CY7C63813-PXC, to allow running flashrom Utility in combination with this tiny programmer:


      Product designation: "NANO USB Programmer"

      Mfg: HS-TECH R.O.K, Korea

      MPN: NANOUSB001

      Site: http://shop3.nanobios.cafe24.com/article/download/7/8/?page=1


      USB IDs Database:


      USB ID: 04b4:3813

      Name: NANO BIOS Programmer

      Link: https://usb-ids.gowdy.us/read/UD/04b4/3813


      The programmer uses cyusb3.inf driver under Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10). Windows driver corresponds to device, named »Cypress FX3 USB BootProgrammer Device«, as referred to on the drop-down menu in Windows Update Driver installation wizard.


      Thank you in advance !