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    How to set up a CYUSB3302-68LTXI minimum configuration.


      Hi, I want to design a hub with the CYUSB3302-68 which should be build in to a desktop equipment with two industrial cameras USB 3.1 inside.

      The US port will be the USB connection (Typ B) of the desktop equipment, internally the two cameras are connected to two DS ports.

      There is no user interaction, for the whole live time of the equipment the cameras will be plugged to the hub and that's all.


      We tested everything with the CY4609 RDK and everything works perfect.


      Now I want to shrink the RDK design to what I need for the final application.

      The cameras should be powered by the hub, consuming 450mA each (@5V)


      My questions:

      If I leave away the EEPROM an pin-strap the device to "Internal ROM configuration", would the default configuration do the job (the one I described above )??


      If I can leave away the EEPROM. Can I leave the I2C lines open or which way do I need to terminate them?


      Thanks a lot for your help!